" The process of scientific discovery is, in effect, a continual flight from wonder.”
Albert Einstein


Collection of studies on the biological effects of homeopathic medicines in experimental plant models.

basic physico-chemical research

Collection of studies on the physico-chemical properties of the solutions of homeopathic medicines

Preclinical research

Collection of in vivo and in vitro studies on homeopathic medicines

RCT clinical research

Collection of randomised interventionist studies controlled versus placebo or a reference drug

Observational clinical research

Collection of non-interventionist studies, including observational retrospective, prospective and cross-sectional studies

Clinical case report research

Collection of specific clinical cases treated with homeopathic medicines and/or conventional treatments

Systematic qualitative reviews

Collection of clinical studies of a qualitative and descriptive character

Systematic reviews with meta-analysis

Collection of clinical studies of an analytical character with meta-analysis


Collection of studies on pets and/or livestock animals treated with homeopathic medicines